Thursday, November 29, 2007

I got a lot of free gifts from some promoters in my uni today.. I dont know why they choose our uni to promote their product and I dont know where they are from..
I got a Celcom started pack from celcom promoter. It's free!!

And only not started pack, i got Mister potatoes too! One of the promoters asked me to open my beg when i walked into the crowd to see what happen and he took handful of facial wash tubes and threw them into my beg! I got 32 tubes of facial wash and a box which contains 36 tubes!!! And now i'm thinking of how to settle them, and who should i give..

if you are interested, can ask from me for free!!! i think the promoter is crazy already..haha..
I gave my housemate 2 tubes and i think i will just bring the rest back to Kuching and let my mum to settle it for me since she has so many friends..
When on my way back, its rained so heavily and thunder was so loud! scare me la and i was stucked in jam from Serdang Hospital to Bukit Jalil!!! sigh..

Monday, November 26, 2007

Charlyn has visited me last weekend, she is so nice and she bought honeydew and longans! i love fruits~~!! HEHE!!
The next day, we headed to MidValley shopping!haha~~ At first and as usual, both of us committed that we don't buy anything from MidV, but in the end, haha! She is the one who buy MORE than me!wow~~
We watched BEOWULF at night..Quite interesting though.. Oh ya! Before that, we had our lunch at Carls Jr. The burger is SO BIGGGGG!!! Our mouth are too small to bite the burger! Beverages are free flow and is a good news for me though cause I can drink as much coke as i want!

Both of us couldn't finish the burger as we expected.. Kinda waste la~haha..
Having a great time with her and my weekend was so fun with her!
Hey! Ling, salted egg butter crab keep appearing in my mind la,you la,tempt me!!hmmm!!! Must go eat with JST when we meet in kch, don care! haha~~

self declared holiday.Again! part 2

Recently i am too busy to update my blog. Assignments, presentation, lectures and some more EOS is coming! Hectic life!
For the genting part, i think JST has blogged very well.. For more information, just visit JST's blog!

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

self declared holiday.Again! part 1

Last week I've been to a lot of places. On Wednesday, we all were invited by Bavahni to her house for lunch. The food was so delicious and I've eaten a lot of lamb. I like the lamb but i can feel my backache the next day because of high uric acid.
This is the group photo.

Right after lunch at Bavahnii's house, we were heading to MidValley. Our main purpose to MidValley was to buy present for three birthday girls. They are Stephanie, MeeiShya and PingWei. We were so tricky because we actually were planning to held a surprising party the next day in Genting. So few of us were going around with Stephanie and PingWei so that JST and the rest can buy decorative stuffs. It was a tiring job! After MidValley, we fetched Phuiling home and we had our supper at XYZ cafe. The name is so cute and the food was good.
The next day, we're proceeded to genting. This genting trip was really fun and so touching!
The first picture of the journey. We were too noisy until the lady sitting beside us cannot stand it and say us as noisy as like pasar!

This is taken when we are checking in.
We had our lunch at KFC.
Chilling in the room..Figuring what to do next..

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Well, we all got our Young Mercy clothes today. I think we have to wear it whenever there is an occasion for Young Mercy. Young Mercy is a charity association in my Uni which bond with Mercy Malaysia Organization.
This is the shirt, I ordered S size for myself.
It is too big for me right? Can you imagine how i look like when the shirt is on me?haha..
Phyllis got the same size as mine, Jc got XL, i wonder how big is hers. Jc, you are not fat,why you've chosen XL for yourself??hahaha..
Phyllis, i think next time you can just hide in the shirt if JC want to catch you.

Later on i am going to Bawani's house for late lunch with JST and her course mates and MidValley at night.
They starting their holiday now but sadly I'm not. My holiday only start in the end of December when they are coming back soon for their Sem6. However, good news is i got almost two months break so i am coming back to KL after Chinese new year!

p/s: Tomorrow I am going Genting, again.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Home is where they heart is...

Today i received a Christmas present from my landlord! Yes! Christmas present!! Yeee!!
Our landlord is way too nice to us! They've treated us lunch this afternoon in Puchong and give us present. Wow!! What a surprise..
See, this is what I've got from my landlord!!

**** AUSSINO Towel Set****

The towel set is very nice, isn't it?
Anyway, the most important is nothing about the towels but their kindness to us..

p/s: I love Christmas!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

lucky day~~

Today, i went out to store to buy a pressie for my landlord because she is bringing us out for lunch tomorrow. So in return, we should buy something, a bottle of red wine maybe, to her.
After walking around and we couldn't make up our mind which to buy, we ended up buying some other unnecessary things.
I bought a LUCIDO-L hair wax and another one for JST too. And my another house mate bought some chocolate biscuit and bread. According to the price stated on the items, total amount we should have paid is actually more than Rm30. But who knows, the cashier thought our hair waxes are in 2 in 1 promotion package (i've no idea what makes her think so) so she scanned one of the hair waxes instead of both. So ended up we pay for the hair waxes is Rm15.98 instead of Rm 31.96. At the end, of all the items we bought, we paid less than Rm30. haha!
It is a good thing for customer though..
p/s: Raining heavily now.

To-Buy List

There are a few things that i wish to buy, but due to my financial crisis, i couldn't make it.
First of all, i want to have a new NIKE backpack. i hunted one but it is so expensive and i cant possibly afford it now.
Secondly, i wish i could have a high mega pixel camera. I've got one OLYMPUS 3.2 mega pixel camera, but it seems a bit outdated now. Last time when it was launched in the market, it was so expensive. With the price last time, i could buy a cyber-shot camera now.
Thirdly, i wish i could have a pair of NIKE shoe since mine is already so old.
Realized that i prefer NIKE sportswear rather than other brands. Maybe i am being influenced because JST keep promoting NIKE to me. But honestly, i really think that NIKE is nicer! (I'm not advertising NIKE and this is my own opinion towards the brand)
Okkkk! Now back to reality!! Now i am broke, so i can only day-dream of those things first. haha.. pity me!
And lastly, can you imagine that i've reformatted my laptop five times in a day?*don't laugh*

self declared holiday!

Today, i went to sing K with my friends, (actually i am being forced to sing). This is my second time of singing K. I don't really sing in front of people, because people who knows me, when they listen to me singing, they will show a shock expression on their face and say, "wow! first time hear you sing!". This makes me feel so shy and that's why i don't really sing in front of people. And i always wonder why my friends like to sing so much.
And now, singing K is becoming one of my interest already. We dance, we shout, we eat and we drink inside the room. It was so fun and so relax!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

A beginning..

I saw many people start to have their own blog, writing about all the stuff happening in their life. Today, i think i have the mood to create my own. So here it is.. the birth of my own blog - kaeshih's journey. My previous blog in friendster has been abandoned for a long time and without any update.

Today.. I just got some allowance from my mum, and i bought biotherm for RM250. My heart ached, and i am having a big headache on how to face the financial crisis for the following week without asking for more allowance. It is not a good thing to call or sms and ask for allowance.. maybe i will, maybe i will only ask when i am really broke..

Here is my collection of biotherm.. and i am very happy about it.. Big and small bottles, new and old one..

My god, gonna spend more this deepavali holiday and the next week genting trip. How i wish money will just cover all over me when i wake up tomorrow morning... *blink*blink*