Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Well, this is my dinner today..This time, the lamb was cooked well done. Every bite of the lamb with the fresh leaf wrapped and mayonnaise in it is just so nice. however, there is still room for my cooking improvement..
Actually i am bad in cooking because i dont like to cook..Cooking is not fun to me.

Monday, December 3, 2007

oh ho~ Mr Santa is coming~ I like Christmas, no doubt!
i went to MidV twice this week. First with Ling on friday night and we actually thought of watching Enchanted, who knows, ticket sold out.. So we decided to wait Wei come back and watch together. Then we headed to Little Veitnam for our dinner! Quite nice though..When we finished our dinner, a lot of shops had already closed and sticked with a notice saying that they closed for preparation of Year End sale. Then we walked around realised that Christmas decoration in MidV is almost completely done.

Three of us went to MidV again on the next day! Watched Enchanted and it is highly recommended by me..I like the story..hee!!
Hectic life now and next week is my final already..but, in this very final week of semester 3, there are 5 reports to be done and one visiting to DUOPHARM..and and and, there is only 3 days of study break before exam and our exam timetable is not released out yet!!!!How can we manage to finish our revision in such a short time??now i feel like an anchor is weighing me down=.=